Makes Second Hand Fashion
Every Day Life


  • Delay the fast fashion cycle
  • Eliminate the second hand bias
  • Make the second hand fashion become a new lifestyle

What is Hodon

Second-hand fashion platform collaboration with dry cleaners

  • 1. Hodon make a partnership with local dry cleaners.
  • 2. Sellers bring their own clothes to the listed dry cleaners.
  • 3. Dry cleaners register clothes and store them in vacant spaces.
  • 4. Buyers purchase used clothing at dry cleaners and pays Hodon.
  • 5. Hodon provide margin to clothes-owner and dry cleaners.


Seller : Easy to sell old clothes and no shipment cost.

Dry Cleaners : Utilize space without inventory cost

Buyer : Check clothe's condition and get good price clothes

Advantages for us

We are a low-risk business model with no fixed assets because we provide a platform for used clothing and earn a commission for it.

Market Potential

US Second hand market is 35 billion

It will be growing by 82billiion in 2026

Mile Stones

In the first year, develop an application and partner with 10 dry cleaners. Within three years, it aims to partner with 100 dry cleaners, mainly in the Bay Area, and acquire 90,000 users.